Create footprint sticker

Create footprint sticker

I wanted to add Pico's and Moko's footprint stickers to my car, so I tried making it by myself.

Extract footprints from photos

Based on photos of footprints taken during walking. It was attached to dry concrete after rain.

Use gimp for image editing. Cut out only in the range of good footprints,then turn upwards with rotation.

Since I want to make a black and white image of footprint only, I adjust it by increasing the contrast and brightness. Howevet it is not quite good at this method, I also used a method to change the curve of the histogram by tone balance.

It is a footprint which extracted various adjustment.

Footprint deformation

In order to remove noise and smooth outline, onece reduce the resolution of the image then enlarge it. After that, manually colored black and white t shape it.
Especially in the footprints of the pico, the distance between fingers and palm was narrow,so some parts were connected. I add white lines to separate them, Because It may be difficult to separate them after converting bezier curve.

Load the image to inkscape then convert the read object to bezier curve by selecting "PATH" -> "TRACE BITMAP". The inkscape would trace accurately so the result would be too realistic.

Reduce the nodes of path until half. Increase the transparency of the fill for the converted path, then adjust each pass and handle to fit the shape which is being ignored the detail of original shape..

Strol google fonts site to seek a font which will be match to overlay on the footprints. This time I chose Fascinate.
I would like to draw only outline of the font, first to convert font to path then rendered only the frame line without filling.

Create a sticker

Print out the footprints to the size of sticker. I would like to copy the footprints to cutting sticker sheet, but I don't have carbon copy sheetp. So I painted the back side by pencil, then traced the shape by a ballpoint pen.

Cut out with a design knife and paste a transparent cutting sheet.

Add water to the rear window of the car by misting and paste it so that air does not enter.

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